Are Wilton Baking Pans Worth the Money?

Why Pay for Wilton Baking Pans?

Many times, people make the assumption that the off brand is basically the same as the name brand, only cheaper.

If you’ve ever had a cheap pair of jeans that fit okay as compared with a more expensive brand name pair that were a fantastic fit, you know this isn’t always true. Sometimes it’s actually better to go with the name brand.

It can be worth the extra investment, whether because the brand last longer, works better, or is simply somewhat different from the off brand.

This assumption that off brand is just the same as name brand definitely trickles over into kitchen supplies. Who cares where your knives, forks, and pans are from as long as they get the job done?

However, there can actually be a few reasons to pay extra for kitchen items, such as baking pans. For instance, Wilton baking pans may be slightly more expensive, but they’re also better investments than the off brands for several reasons.

One of the main reasons to use Wilton baking pans is that they’ll last practically forever. These pans are definitely manufactured with longevity in mind.

This means that you might pay a little more for them on the front end, but you won’t have to replace them as often.

This may not be as important to you when you’re getting a one-time use pan for a special shaped birthday cake, but it’s definitely something to consider when buying pans for everyday use.

Another reason to buy Wilton baking pans is that they offer you just so much variety. With other pans, you’re limited to a few round and square shapes.

You might be able to get a heart shaped pan in an off brand.

With Wilton baking pans, you can get everything from giant cupcakes to 3-D ball cakes to licensed character cakes. It’s just easy when you can get all your pans for all occasions in one place.

Also, though, you know that licensed Wilton cake pans are actually going to look like the characters they’re supposed to portray.

Sure, you can take a generic 3-D bear pan and put a red icing shirt on it to look like Winnie the Pooh, but that’s nothing compared to the real Winnie the Pooh pan with the exact cartoon colors in the icing.

Wilton can use all of these characters in their real forms because it can afford to use the licensing. This means that you pay a bit more, but it also means that your cake actually looks like what it’s supposed to represent.

Actually, when you look at it, Wilton cake pans don’t cost all that much more. We aren’t talking about the difference between a supermarket pair of jeans and a pair of jeans from an upscale designer store.

We’re talking about the difference between the off brand laundry detergent and the slightly more expensive detergent that actually gets the job done right.

Since the pans aren’t that much more expensive, why would you not pay a bit more for much better quality?

To save money you may want to consider discontued wilton cake pans. One of the best places to get discontinued Wilton cake pans is on eBay.

This website is where tons of people get together to sell all the things they don’t want anymore. The best part is that the pans that are listed there don’t necessarily have set prices.

Instead, you can place a bit for what you want to pay for the pan. If it goes for more than that, so be it.

You might be able to get a fantastic deal on one of these pans, though! Just make sure that you factor shipping into the overall cost of your pan. Sometimes you find that with shipping, it’s cheaper to buy a more expensive cake pan, if that makes sense.

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