How Wilton Bakeware helps you create the most delicious cakes

Why you should consider Wilton Bakeware?

If someone were to ask me if I prefer Wilton, I would answer with a resounding, “Yes!” There are lots of reasons that I’ll go the extra mile or pay the extra dollar to get Wilton over other brands.

Many people don’t believe that I would care that much about my bakeware. When I tell them my reasons, though, they typically understand. Here are just a few reasons I would choose Wilton over the other brand any day of the week.

For one thing, you can always find the instructions for Wilton bakeware. This makes things like recreating character cakes super easy.

Sometimes the instructions for putting together certain 3-D cakes are complicated, so that I have to read over them again before attempting it a second time.

Since I’m usually terrible about keeping instructions around the kitchen, I can just pop online and look them up.

This is also really helpful when I’m buying used Wilton bakeware at garage sales or off of eBay. Most of the time the original owner has no idea where the instructions for the bakeware are. That’s okay, though.

It it’s Wilton, I can find instructions even for discontinued pans that will help me know how to change cooking times or assemble finished cakes from particular pans.

Plus, the decorating instructions for Wilton cakes are super easy to follow. I’m a creative person, but I’m not all that artistic.

When I’m creating a Dora the Explorer cake for my daughter’s birthday, I don’t want to wing it and risk having Dora look like some random girl with black hair.

So, I rely on Wilton’s super specific icing instructions to get everything just perfect on the first try.

Of course, all this has nothing at all to do with the fact that it also outlasts any other bakeware hands down.

You wouldn’t think there’d be that much difference between different types of aluminum pans, but there really is. The heavy gauge aluminum materials that Wilton uses for most of its pans doesn’t dent or scratch easily.

This means that it continues to bake cakes, cupcakes, and brownies evenly and perfectly even years after I start using it.

I just love checking out new Wilton designs that I can use creatively at birthday parties, anniversary parties, and simple potlucks.

Since I discovered these cake pans, I’ve become the cake lady at all our get togethers with family and friends. The great part, though, is that I don’t feel like I have to spend a fortune to get great directions and high quality bakeware.

Wilton isn’t all that much more expensive than store brands, and it’s certainly worth the investment.

As you can see, I definitely prefer Wilton bakeware for many reasons. This brand has been one that has served me well over the past several years.

If we can stick with brands of jeans and laundry detergents because of personal preference and experience, then we can most certainly stick with a brand of bakeware that works best!

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