The Fun and Easy Way to Creating a Wedding Towel Cake

A wedding towel cake is a fun, easy and wallet-friendly bridal shower gift that is guaranteed to be a big smash with the bride and earn you the envy of other guests. The great thing about this homemade wonder is the myriad of ways the basic design can be customized to suit a theme, bridal registry or personality. First things first- let’s cover the basic design.

Basic Wedding Towel Cake


  • 2 bath towels

  • 3 hand towels

  • 3 wash cloths

  • Safety pins (large and secure)

  • Straight pins (long, decorative a plus)

  • Ribbon

How to Assemble:

1. Fold each bath towel in half lengthwise making sure that all ends are even. Uneven edges will cause problems with the other layers and simply look messy. NOTE: If the towels are extra large, fold them in thirds instead of halves.

2. Safety pin the ends of each folded towel to the end of the other towel. Lying flat, the pinned together towels should form a long horizontal line with straight edges.

3. Starting at one end, roll tightly until the towels have formed a nice, tight bundle. Fasten with straight pins and/or ribbon. However you hold it together, make sure it is secure.

You don’t want your cake unraveling! One side of the bundle will show the edges of the towels. Put that side down before you stack the next layer.

4. Repeat the process with the hand towels and washcloths. Depending on the size of your materials, you may have to play with folds until you find tiers that look proportionate.

5. Pin the layers together with straight pins so they remain in cake form.

6. Have fun decorating!

Wedding Towel Cake “Decorations”

The ways to customize the towel cake are endless. The selection of the towels can be based on the colors or theme of the shower or wedding. Or incorporate linens included on the bridal registry. A table cloth can even be used in place of the bath towels.

Popular ways to customize a wedding towel cake include:

Silk flowers or butterflies pinned in a cascade down the tiers. Pearls on the ends of the straight pins and/or in strands draped over the cake.

“Stuffing” the center: utensils, bath and beauty products and small registry items can be placed into the center of the tower.

Wrapping soaps or candles within the towels for an extra surprise.

Using a Lazy Susan or plastic tray as a ““cake stand”

Doing a wedding cake for the groom! Stuff it with car supplies or small grooming products. The design possibilities can only be limited by your imagination. Remember, towels have a long history of being related to weddings.

Starting in Victorian times, brides would assemble a trousseau: a collection of jewelry, lingerie, linens and towels kept in a hope chest and intended for her new home.

Often the linens were hand sewn! A wedding towel cake is a more realistic package for the modern day bride and equally as precious.

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