Wedding Cake Toppers can Make a Special Statement

Unique wedding cake toppers can make even a simple cake a spectacular sight to behold. The traditional bride and groom toppers still make an occasional appearance but even they have been overhauled over the years.

Bejeweled monograms, unique shapes and representations of the ethnicity of the couple are quickly replacing those traditional figurines.

Those couples with a sense of humor are embracing the trend of funny toppers. Law and Order Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hargitay topped her mammoth wedding cake with a Swarovski crystal studded monogram topper. Even if your cake is smaller than her seven-foot tall wonder, a monogram can add a touch of class.

You can use either a single initial representing the last name you now share or two first initials combined with an ampersand. Materials you can choose from include solid brushed metal or silver or gold acrylic with a mirrored surface.

Monograms allow you to be unique while retaining sophistication.A myriad of shapes are available to top your wedding cake. Double hearts, joined rings and doves are some of the more traditional options.

Sand dollars, starfish, dolphins and seashells are available for a beachside wedding. Create instant class by using an Eiffel Tower or Fleur-de-lis topper.

While these are available in colors, choosing a simple metallic or mirrored design will ensure the topper will match the cake. For a hint of color, choose a design with subtle Swarovski detailing.

You can save money by buying a pack of the crystals and attaching them yourself with hot glue. A unique wedding cake topper needn't be over the top or gaudy.

If your wedding has a lighthearted nature to it, consider a funny wedding cake topper. These depict the traditional bride and groom figurines in anything-but-traditional settings.

Have the groom climbing up the side of the cake to reach his victorious bride who has already made the climb. Or the bride can be holding a fishing pole with which she has caught her groom on the line.

A puzzled groom can be looking over a vacant spot that has a sign declaring, "Still shopping". The bride can have the upper hand by dragging her husband off by his leg or make him "take the plunge", with a little help, off the side of the cake.

Do you want the traditional bride and groom figurines but feel that the standby couple doesn't reflect the diversity of your wedding?

Whatever ethnicity or religion you need to represent, a unique wedding cake topper can be found to suit your needs. Couples are available dressed in traditional garb such as those found in Japanese or Jewish nuptials. If the marrying couple is interracial, there are toppers that reflect that.

Individual bride or groom figurines are available in a variety of ethnicities to make matching your wedding as simple as possible.

Whatever wedding cake topper you choose to use, remember that it is supposed to accent the cake without dominating it. You've most likely spent a good deal of money getting the cake of your dreams. You don't want to sabotage it with a cake topper that overwhelms the overall look or theme.

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