Wedding cake pans create that dream cake

Wedding cake pans can make a homemade pan look professionally made but save you hundreds of dollars off of that bridal budget.

A traditional tiered cake can be made in a variety of shapes and heights. Shaped pans can easily create cakes in the forms of objects ranging from a guestbook to a seahorse.

If you are planning on making your wedding cake at home, it is advisable to do a test run well ahead of the wedding. That way if the experience seems too overwhelming or you don't like the results, you still have time to consult a professional baker.

Tiers are as traditionally associated with wedding cakes as the color white is to brides. Though they may look intimidating, keep in mind that tiers are just differently sized cakes stacked up. To create a tiered look, buy different sizes of the same shape of pan.

You can often buy sets that are designed for this purpose. A round pan set may include one six inch pan, two eight inch pans, one ten inch pans and one twelve inch pan. Contour cake pans have a shape that gives the cake nice round edges that are great for the use of fondant.

Square pans in a set similar to the one described above can create the look of stacked gift boxes. Wilton and other bakery suppliers sell sets of shaped pans that vary from the standard but can also be used to create tiers.

Wilton has ovals, hexagons, petals and hearts available. For an excellent (and tasty) guest favor, mini-tiered wedding cake pans can create individually sized cakes with anywhere from two to four tiers. The pans are all one piece to make the project even easier.

Shaped pans aren't just for children's birthday parties anymore. A wedding cake pan that forms an open book can be iced to resemble the guest book from the wedding.

Chocolate cake baked in a cathedral pan can have the roof dusted with powdered sugar to look like snow and provide a simply elegant look suitable for a winter wedding. A casual beachfront wedding can have a cake in the shape of a dolphin, palm tree or seahorse.

An elegant indoor affair can be accented by a monogram cake created from pans shaped like individual letters. The reception cake line can be avoided by making rose shaped cakes and placing one in the center of each table.

Frost each to match the colors of the wedding and pre-set the tables with plates and serving instruments.

Images traditionally associated with weddings are also available in cake pan form. Doves are the sign of peace and harmony. What better way to start a holy union then to slice into a replica of one? Bells, crosses and wedding rings are also possible with the use of a wedding cake pan.

The benefit of these shaped pans is that they create a sort of stencil on which you can easily apply icing. Whether you favor tradition or have a rebellious streak, there will be a cake pan that can create the wedding cake of your dreams. Enlist the help of family and friends to make the project go faster and smoother.

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