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Wedding Cake Frosting

The top five tips for DIY wedding cake frosting

Before they start planning a wedding, most couples don’t know just how expensive wedding cakes can be. These beautiful confections can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What’s a spending savvy bride to do? Make her own cake, of course! If you’re an experienced baker, you can certainly put together your own cake, and you can even frost it, too.

The most difficult part is getting the frosting right, so here are the top five tips to use when you’re doing DIY wedding cake frosting.

1. Pick your icing and decoration styles wisely. If you’ve worked with icing before, that’s the best type to choose.

Many popular cakes these days are frosted with fondant, but it can be difficult to work with. Choose a frosting type and design that is going to be simple and stress free for you.

2. Make sure you have all the right utensils and tools. Research the particular type of icing you’re going to use thoroughly.

Then, make sure you pick up all the right tools you need to get the look you want with that type of cake frosting.

3. Practice makes perfect! It’s a good idea to practice your wedding cake a few weeks before you actually have to make it.

Just make a smaller cake using the same recipe. Then, practice icing the cake in a similar way to how you’ll frost your wedding cake.

4. Use multiple layers of frosting. If you try to do your top coat of frosting first, you’ll end up with a crummy mess.

Put on one thin layer first. Let it sit, and then do your beautiful top coat of cake frosting.

5. Get the timing right. Do some research on how long your icing will hold up. You probably need to ice the cake the day before the wedding and store it somewhere cool and dry until the reception.

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