Don't Forget about Your Wedding Cake Box

A wedding cake box may be something you completely forget to plan for when making the other preparations for your wedding. If your baker or caterer is staying on site, they will most likely take care of boxing up the cake for you.

But if you're flying it solo, you're going to want a game plan to avoid having to shove that beautiful cake into whatever Tupperware containers may be nearby. Furthermore, wedding cake favor boxes can kill the birds of cake disposal and party favors with one stone.

The best wedding cake box shapes are square and rectangle as these allow for the most room and disparity of cake size and shape.

A wedding cake box for the leftovers (that are not being passed out as favors) will most likely resemble the kind given to you with a store bought birthday cake: large with a see-through top window.

Since the bride and groom (or close family members) are the only ones that are going to see this box there is really no need to make it too fancy or spend too much money on it. When you purchased your cake you chose how many slices there would be.

How much you went over (or stayed under) how many guests will actually be attending will give an idea of how much cake will be leftover.

The top tier of the cake is often saved for the couple to eat on their first anniversary. Make sure someone takes the first anniversary tier away from the cake before the guests dig in!

This tier can be saved as a special wedding cake box keepsakesince it is more important than the rest of the cake and will be spending the next year in the freezer.

Look for a box that contains a freezer proof plastic liner and a durable material that will survive being jostled by the other occupants in the freezer.

These boxes will usually cost more than the others since they need to serve a practical purpose beyond just temporary storage. For the price, the boxes are gorgeous creations imprinted with floral decorations and silver filigree.

The wedding cake favor box is where you can flex those creative muscles. Whatever style you choose to use canbe adorned with ribbon that matches the colors of the wedding. Most boxes commercially available are either white or ivory though some may contain a subtle pinstripe or floral detail.

Clear boxes are available but sliced cake can get messy (especially when being transported) so use these with caution. Frosted boxes are a better bet if you want to stay away from the solid boxes.

A hot trend in cake boxes is those resembling Chinese food take out boxes. Available in traditional colors such as white and ivory, these beauties are also available in beautiful brocade patterns from online retailers.

Whatever wedding cake favors box design you choose, ask the supplier if customization is available. Often the bride and groom's names and wedding date can be engraved into the boxes for a minimal charge. This will make the boxes more special for the guests…and help distinguish it from their Sweet and Sour Pork.

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