Add your own twist to this vanilla cake recipe

This basic vanilla cake recipe is great. It works well for birthday parties, weddings, and even casual dinner get-togethers.

Sometimes, though, you want your cake to really stand out.

If you find yourself in that situation with your favorite recipe, here are a few things you can do to add a little sparkle to it.

Add some fruit flavors. Fruit and vanilla just seem to go together perfectly.

You can add all sorts of flavors to a basic vanilla cake recipe by using fruit juices and even Jello.

You can also add fruit without messing with your cake batter at all. Instead, make some fruit fillings for the in-between layers of your cake.

Strawberry filling is excellent, and it you can decorate the top of the cake with cut strawberries.

Lemon zest is also a good way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise bland cake.

Another option is to go a little nuts. You can start super subtle by adding just a touch of almond extract to your cake.

Adding coconut is another fantastic option.

Nuts can be added into cake batter, but you might have to mess with the consistency to get this to work right.

Another excellent option is to work nuts into your decorations for the basic vanilla cake.

Experiment with frostings. There are so many frosting options out there that no two cakes need ever be the same again.

Try whipped icing, buttercream frosting, royal frosting, and fondant.

All of them are excellent options, and they can all make your cake look and taste totally different.

This isn’t even to mention how many flavored icings will pair well with an excellent cake recipe! The options are nearly endless!

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