Need Ideas For a Fun Theme Birthday Cake?

A theme birthday cake shows that you have put in a little extra effort to make a birthday party special for that person you love. But wanting to have a theme birthday cake can be easier than coming up with a good idea for what theme to use.

Explore the birthday boy (or girl's) interests and hobbies for ideas you can make a cake reflect. Like Christmas gifts, finding an idea for a child is a lot easier than it is for adults.

For one thing, kids will often be extremely vocal about what they like and what they want. If you're stumped for an idea on a child's cake just ask them.

For the Kids

A cartoon theme birthday cake is a sure bet for those children that don't supply you with ideas. Under a certain age, every child has a favorite cartoon that is constantly on the television and may even spill over into their room d├ęcor and wardrobe.

Consult your baker with what character you'd like to use to find out what kind of designs are available. For a homemade cake, do an online search for a cake pan shaped like the character.

No matter what character you choose, there is probably a cake pan in that shape. Use the indentations on the cake as stencils for the application of icing.

Not only are cartoon birthday cakes easy to make or buy, they also provide a fantastic jumping off point for the rest of the party decorations. If your cake is shaped like Scooby Doo, it will be easy to find plates and napkins that coordinate.

Since Scooby and his gang spend their time solving mysteries, you can set up a scavenger hunt game. Party favors can be small bags of "Scooby Snacks"- small shortbread cookies.

For the Adults

It may seem like gender stereotyping but sports theme birthday cakes are usually a safe bet for men. Cake pans in the shape of footballs, soccer balls and basketballs are available to make at home. An easier at-home option is a football helmet cake that can be customized to suit his favorite team.

Like the cartoon birthday cakes, sports cakes make it easy to find accompanying party decorations.

For a football themed party, serve beer, chicken wings and nachos in paper palates and cups. Party favors can include small representations of the team's mascot. Other sports- like golf, bowling or racquetball-can be used in a similar way.

Of course there are women who like sports as well and the same ideas can be used if that is where her interests lie. For other women, a simple elegant design featuring her favorite colors may be the way to go.

If you are unsure of her favorite colors and don't want to ask her, look to her wardrobe and home furnishings for hints.

A simple round cake with a gorgeous chocolate frosting that is adorned with fake (or real) bright flowers can be classy and inexpensive.

Have some fun by shaping the cake like a shopping bag and passing out gift cards to the birthday girl's favorite store to the guests.

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