A great tasting Sugar Free Cake Recipe

Whether you’ve got a sugar free cake recipe that you want to try or are just itching to take the sugar out of your favorite cake recipe, it can get a little tricky.

You can replace sugar in cakes with many different things. Depending on which types of replacements you use, these top five tips might be super helpful for you.

1. Research your sugar replacement. This is especially important if you’re replacing sugar in a regular cake recipe.

If you have a sugar free recipe, you can normally just trust what the recipe says. It’s possible to substitute artificial sweeteners, plant sweeteners, molasses, or honey for sugar in many recipes.

First, though, you have to do some research to figure out how much to use to replace sugar.

2. Remember that it might not turn out exactly like you expect. Most people who have been using artificial sweeteners for a while will not be able to detect them, but those who are used to real sugar probably will.

It’s not bad, just different. If you use thicker sweeteners like agave nectar or molasses, though, the entire cake making process can be different from what you expect.

3. Read the directions carefully. As with all recipes, it’s important to read your sugar free cake recipe carefully.

You might be thrown off by how the quantities of different things in the recipe change, especially if you’ve made similar items before.

4. Test it out first. If this is your first time using with this a recipe, you might want to test it out before using it for guests or a major occasion. That way, you know the recipe is just as delicious as a sugar-filled cake.

5. Dress it up. Some types of sugar free cake are not as sweet as you expect them to be.

You can make it taste better with the right type of frosting or even some fruit added to the batter or top of the cake.

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