How To create that Memorable Simple Wedding Cake

The simple wedding cake is often overlooked in favor of their flashier brothers which is unfortunate.

Brides begin their wedding planning with the thought that things should run as smoothly as possible.

But after thousands have already been spent on the dress, the veil, the location and the meal, a couple might be tempted to keep going on a lavish spree with a monstrous cake.

A great wedding cake can meet the challenge of taste and appearance while saving you the stress you won’t need more of.

When someone hears the term “simple wedding cake” they often think of sheet cakes. Sheet cakes have been given a bad wrap over the years since they are reminiscent of school bake sales or pot luck dinners.

But the sheet cake has come a long way. In taste and color, the sheet can be made to match another cake perfectly. If you’ve found that your dream cake is more expensive than your car, then ask for the smallest version of it.

If you still want to keep things simple and be unique you may want to consider a

personalized wedding cake. They have become very, very popular right now - gone are the days when the classic three tiered white cakes are acceptable at a wedding. Now it's considered old fashioned - personalization is the key.

Your baker will be able to duplicate the flavors and colors on a sheet cake for a much cheaper price. (see wedding cake decorating)

After the bride and groom cut into the overpriced version, servers will march from the back carrying plates of cake that seem to have come from that original cake.

When choosing that small “fantasy” cake, keep in mind that certain design materials cost more than others. Real flowers are cheaper (and often look better) than their sugar decoration counterparts. Some real flowers are also edible- but make sure the ones you choose are before chomping into it.

For the cake’s shape, round edges are cheaper then trendier shapes like square. This doesn’t mean that a simple wedding cake has to be plain. Ask your baker if you can provide sugar flowers, ribbons, and other adornments that you have found at the cake supply store.

A simple wedding cake can be bought from locations that offer a great discount. (see wedding cake costs) There are many non-commercial bakers who craft wonderful cakes from their own homes.

Culinary school students often have to complete a wedding cake requirement. If there is a school in your area, contact them and see what cakes are available and the cost.

Remember the benefits a simple wedding cake will lend to the serving process. If you want to save charges such cake cutting fees and a service charge, set up a side table with “main cake” alternatives. Assemble a variety of desserts or several small cakes in different flavors and styles.

Many weddings now feature cupcakes either served to the guest or built up on an impressive cake tower. Not only will this simplify serving (as most guests will serve themselves) but it will also cut back on cost and the stress associated with it.

Save even more money by borrowing cake knives and toppers from friends and family that might still have theirs on hand.

So a simple wedding cake will be a welcome guest at your party with its style, substance and small price. It will be just as deliciously dramatic as a celebrity wedding cake.

There are other things on which to focus during your wedding.

A well-planned cake will take a weight off your mind and allow you to enjoy the things that really matter here: family, friends, and a lifetime of love.

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