Forget the Pie! Try this Delicious Pumpkin Cake Recipe

If you really want to make this pumpkin cake recipe into something special, use garden fresh pumpkin puree.

Typically in the fall, when we think of pumpkins, we think of pumpkin pie. While this is a great option, pumpkin cake is another excellent way to use those pumpkins in your garden or from the grocery store.

Yes, you can actually use the pumpkins growing in your garden right now to create a beautiful pumpkin cake.

Where did you think all that canned pumpkin puree in the supermarket came from?

1. First, you need to pick your pumpkin. Typically, baking pumpkins are smaller than the ones you decorate for Halloween.

Grow some specifically for baking in your garden this year, or ask a local pumpkin farmer which ones they suggest.

You actually can use a larger jack-o-lantern pumpkin, but you may need to add more spices to it or your pumpkin puree will be a little bland.

2. Clean your pumpkin. Cut it in half, and scoop out all the insides just like you would when you’re decorating it.

3. Cook your pumpkin. You can cook your pumpkin on a baking sheet in the oven at 350 degrees, or you can boil it in chunks until it gets tender. If you choose to bake the pumpkin, it will take right around an hour.

4. Peel and puree your pumpkin. After the pumpkin is cooked, the skin should come off really easily.

Run the pieces through a blender or food processor until the pumpkin is as smooth as the pumpkin puree you buy from the store.

5. If your pumpkin puree is too runny, cook it over medium heat for a few minutes to steam out some of the water. You can also strain it using cheesecloth.

6. Use your pumpkin! You can now use your pureed pumpkin in a great pumpkin cake recipe. Add a few extra spices if you used a jack-o-lantern pumpkin, and you’ll have a fantastic cake to enjoy in the autumn.

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