The Personalized Wedding Cake To Bake or Not to Bake?

The personalized wedding cake is very, very popular right now - gone are the days when the classic three tiered white cakes are acceptable at a wedding. Now it's considered old fashioned - personalization is the key.

And it's not just the cake that people are snagging for their special day - they're also exploring the wedding cake topper, which is something that really makes your wedding unique.

In light of all the interesting, personalized things that are popping up, many people are noticing the high prices of these kinds of cakes and opting to bake their own.

But do you really want to bake this kind of wedding cake, and add a topper? Do you have the time, the patience, or the skill to really make a cake that stands out? Let's look at the pro's and cons

The Pro's to Making Your Own Personalized Cake, and a Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

The benefits of making your own wedding cake are clear, straight forward, and appealing to many couples who are thinking that buying a traditional cake just isn't for them.


The ability to try personalize their wedding cake is a huge factor for so many people. You can choose different things at a bakery, but even hiring the best baker in your area, you only have so many different choices - however, doing it yourself means you have all different choices, and the sky is the limit.


Many couples cringe when they see the high price of purchasing this kind of wedding cake from a baker - even a traditional wedding cake is a lot, and if you don't have a lot of money to spend on your wedding, the cake can cut into it a lot.

However, when you make your own, it's considerably cheaper - most couples cut the price of their wedding cake in half when they bake their own, and even when you add in a personalized wedding cake topper, it's a lot cheaper.

The Con's to Making Your Own Personalized Wedding Cake, and a Wedding Cake Topper

There are numerous downsides to making your own wedding cake, and these are normally the reasons that couples go with a baker instead of doing it themselves.


If you don't have the skill to craft your own wedding cake with a wedding cake topper, your dreams have come to a crashing halt. While you can make a cake in advanced to ensure that you can bake it well, the decorating is extremely difficult - if you don't have prior training, you probably won't be able to do it!


Most of the time during a wedding, there is barely time to breath - baking a fresh cake to serve is a huge time sucker, and most people overestimate the time they're going to have, and underestimate the time it takes to bake their cake, decorate it, and serve it.

If you don't have the time, don't do it!


It's up to the couple, but choosing to bake your own wedding cake with a wedding cake topper is a huge thing. If it goes wrong, you can't blame a baker - only yourself. You only have one day, so make it special either way.

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