Make Cookbook Ideas
Come To Life

You can make cookbook recipes from family and friends last a lifetime by creating a personalized cookbook. There are other benefits to making your own recipe book:

  • Meal planning from appetizer to dessert is easier because the book can hold your grocery list.
  • For baking, a custom cookbook allows you to gather all your favorite recipes easily.
  • If you publish your own cookbook, it's better than a having recipe box because you are better organized.

It's hard to meet a serious baker who doesn't crave an organized kitchen as much as they crave cakes!

Yes, the goal is kitchen organization. The thing is, cookbook recipe software can be challenging to learn and use. Taking a weekend to put a recipe box in order always gets sidetracked (usually when you find a long lost recipe that you decide to bake right away instead of finishing your kitchen chores)! Starting a scrapbooking project and then writing my own cookbook? It's an ordeal that I can't stand to bear.

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That's why I like to make cookbook desserts stay put in one place: my personalized cookbooks. Here's a picture of my own cake cookbook opened up to my favorite crisp recipe.

See that sturdy binding? It helps keep the book flat when I need it or strong enough to stay standing if I prefer. The pages can be wiped down without ruining them and I can easily add or remove recipes whenever it's necessary.

When it's time to start baking for the annual family reunion, the cookbook is indispensable. I made it online with a mix of professional recipes along with my own family keepsake recipes then had it shipped to my house. Every successful cake I've ever made is at my fingertips!

A lot of people find other uses for personalized cookbooks, too. For example, schools like fundraising cookbooks to help subsidize extracurricular activities.

And there's another use for these kinds of cake cookbooks. In the coming months, as you continue to share recipes for cakes with me, I'll make cookbook collections based on the best of your submissions. You'll have the chance to get a printed cookbook that could include one of your baking delights!

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