The Fun and Easy Jello Cake Recipe

When you stick just one packet of Jello into a Jello cake recipe, you can come out with something amazing. Jello cake is probably one of the best inventions ever.

Jello not only flavors the cake in just about any delicious and fruity flavor you want, but it also makes the cake moist, dense, and lovely.

Just where did this fantastic dessert come from, though?

Well, way back in the nineteenth century, gelatin was normally made from scratch. The disgusting process involved boiling intestines and bones of animals, so manufacturers quickly started coming up with ways that homemakers could avoid the process.

One gelatin sheets came out, gelatin desserts like jelly moulds became incredibly popular. Even then, though, gelatin sheets had to be purified, and this took quite a long time.

Only the rich who had lots of time on their hands or paid cooks to do the work could afford to serve jelly moulds.

In 1845, the first powdered gelatin was created, but it took several decades and creative marketing for the new fruit-flavored dessert to become popular. Eventually, the Jell-O company was launched, and they created artificially sweetened versions of the product.

When they were marketing, the company worked hard to sell Jello recipes. For a while, Jell-O sold even savory flavors of their product, ranging from seasoned tomato to celery for aspics and congealed salads.

Eventually, all kinds of products were being made from this wiggly, instant gelatin product. Then, some enterprising kitchen whiz came up with the idea of combining Jello with cake, and the first Jello cake recipe was born.

The cake picked up quickly because of its moist texture and rich flavors. Now, it’s one of the staple summer desserts in the country.

Just stick on a whipped cream icing, and you’re ready to head to the picnic.

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