Things to Avoid When Learning How to Make Cake Frosting

Learning how to frost a cake is difficult enough, but if you’re learning how to make cake frosting from scratch, too, you might get really frustrated.

When you’re ready to learn to make your own frosting, you need to know what to do and what to avoid. Here are the top five things to avoid when you’re learning to make your own frosting.

1. Avoid overly complicated recipes. This stands to reason. When you’re first learning to do something, you should definitely start out with simpler recipes that will help you get what you want with fewer steps and ingredients.

Check out a few different recipes before you settle on the one you’ll use. You can graduate to more complicated recipes after you’ve practiced a few times.

2. Avoid making your own fondant until you’re really experienced. Even many professional bakeries use pre-made fondant because it can be so difficult to get the proportions right in a fondant recipe.

It can be tempting to set your sights on this type of frosting, but wait a bit before making the attempt.

3. Avoid mixing things too quickly or too much. When you’re first learning how to make cake frosting, you need to move pretty slowly.

It can be really easy to overdo a recipe by putting in too much of one thing or another.

Many recipes aren’t exact, anyway, so you need to mix ingredients slowly so that you get to the right consistency.

4. Avoid coloring your icing with liquid food die. All the best bakers use paste food die in their cake frosting because it gives more vivid colors.

For the best results, apply this die a little tiny bit at a time using a toothpick.

5. Avoid eating all the frosting before it makes it to the cake! If you have a sweet tooth, it’s going to be tempting to eat your frosting before it’s even on the cake.

Just think about how much better it will be still when you get it on the cake and eat everything at once!

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