What makes gourmet cupcakes gourmet?

Gourmet cupcakes are the hottest things around, with stores popping up from coast to coast boasting deliciously delightful cupcake with exotic flavors and unique decorations.

But what exactly makes them unique and special? And furthermore, how can you tell if what you're munching on is actually so high end and unique, or if someone just said that to get you to pay a little extra?

What Makes these Cupcakes Different?

Well, to some, the difference between them and "regular" cupcakes is as big as the Grand Canyon, while to others it's as little as a steady hand and a good eye.

The basic differences involve quality. These aren't cupcakes that you can get from a boxed mix and package of icing! Recipes are fined tuned to a science while the best ingredients are used to create a cupcake that really deserves the name.

They are also decorated carefully, and a lot of planning goes into what a cupcake is going to look like - even if it's as simple as a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing.

And most aren't just iced with a butter knife, as most home made cupcakes are made. Oh no - these creations have the works, including professional grade icing and beautiful decorations.

Even the simplest things - like sprinkling on the top of these cupcakes - come together, and really make the entire cupcake professional and polished.

Sound silly?

Then you've probably never seen one of these cupcake, because if you have, you know that it's more like artwork then a food. Many people have even ditched the traditional wedding cake in favor of gourmet cupcakes.


If you have a chance to try these special cupcakes, you should - because if you don't think they're wonderful before, you will after!

Carefully crafted and professionally done, there's no question these cupcakes far surpass anything you've tried before.

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