Easy Cake Decorating With Pizzazz!

Easy cake decorating tips can be used to create a wonderful and elegant looking cake. It may be your impulse to just buy some store bought icing, spread it on and serve but making something that looks like it required a lot of work (but didn't) can be just as simple.

A store bought mix can be used for the cake if you want to use time saved on making the cake for the decorating process. There are a variety of products available for purchase in most craft or bakery supply stores that can make your life a lot easier. There is a reason that "easy cake decorating tips" is a top search engine request, after all.


A shaped cake pan can create a form you could not easily create by hand…if you could create it at all! Whatever your occasion, there is a cake pan to suit it. Dora the Explorer, Superman and Spongebob Squarepants pans will give you a great start for a kid's birthday party.

Wow your wedding shower guests with a dove or bell design. There is even a pan available that will make a cathedral!

The shape isn't enough on its own. You still need to decorate and here is where your creative streak can run wild. One creative mother made a cake with a 3-D Soccer Ball pan but- since her son's theme was spies- she covered it in black fondant, stuck in a sparkler and made it a bomb.

The aforementioned cathedral pan can get by with very minimal decoration. Use a luscious cake mix then dust the top of the "roof" with powdered sugar to look like snow. Remember, the best easy cake decorating tips are the easiest ones.


Realistic looking silk flowers can be found at any craft store. The addition of brightly colored flowers can allow for a simplistic frosting design on the cake. A plain round cake with chocolate frosting can be brought to life when encircled by a ring of bright poppies.

If you'd like a floral detail you can eat, already made gum paste flowers are available for purchase at some craft stores and bakery supply stores. If you can't find them locally, search the internet. The flowers available for purchase range from single buds to beautiful cascades that could adorn a homemade wedding cake.


There are a variety of styles and colors of cake toppings available. A casual cake can dazzle with a dusting of sprinkles, nonpareils, dragees or Jimmies. Colored sugars can be dusted on to dramatic effect.

For the wedding cake of actor Pierce Brosnan, his future mother-in-law used powdered sugar to create a glistening effect a cake inspired by the one at JFK's wedding. An easy cake decorating tip that makes a cake worthy of a president has to be a good one.

If you want to place a design on the cake with icing but have no artistic ability, use a stamp to imprint a stencil such as a fleurs-de-lis. You can then trace the imprint with icing and no one will know the difference.

To create the rosettes and borders so often found on cakes, specially made decorating tips make the process simple. All you have to do is fill the bag with icing, place on the tip, and press through slowly.

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