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Dump Cake Recipe

A dump cake recipe sounds like a totally unappetizing dish. Who wants to eat cake from a dump?

However, this lovely and delicious type of cake is actually called dump cake because you just dump in all the ingredients.

You don’t have to worry about mixing them at all. This super-simple recipe, which can be changed however you want, comes down from the days when Dutch ovens were used over fires to cook cakes and all sorts of other goodies.

A good dump cake recipe should be totally simple and streamlined, just like it would have been over the fire decades ago.

You can actually still use this recipe over the fire for a truly interesting camping experience.

If you want to have something fun and atypical for your next camping trip, skip the s’mores and try making dump cake like the pioneers used to.

All you need is a fire stoked hot for a while until it has lots of coals and a cast iron Dutch oven with a flat lid.

Dump the ingredients into the oven. Then, dig some coals out of your fire, very carefully. Put them down on bricks or a hard ground surface beside the fire.

You can also cook this dish actually inside your fire pit if you let all the wood cook down to coals.

Set the Dutch oven on top of the coals, and then shovel some more coals onto the top of the oven. This will heat the oven somewhat evenly, but it’s impossible to get the heat totally even.

Throughout the cooking time, you’ll need to pick up the oven and rotate it so that the heat gets distributed better.

Every fifteen or twenty minutes, carefully pick up the oven by the handle and rotate it a quarter turn.

Do the same thing with the lid, rotating it the opposite direction. This will cook your cake perfectly just like the pioneers did.

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