A Fun Dirt Cake Recipe

This dirt cake recipe is one of the most fun ways to create an interesting dessert, especially for a party or get together in the summer.

It makes a great ending to a barbecue feast, and it’s not that hard to make, either.

My dirt cake recipe tends to vary depending on my mood and the types of ingredients I have around. Here’s basically how it works and what I do to make it a memorable dessert for my guests.

The basic ingredients of dirt cake are whipped cream, cream cheese, vanilla pudding mix, milk, and Oreos or similar chocolate crème cookies.

First, I normally whip up my own cream. Simply get a carton of heavy whipping cream from the grocery store. Dump it into your biggest mixing bowl with a little sprinkling of sugar.

Then, start beating it. It will take a few minutes, but eventually the whipping cream will form soft peas when you stop beating and lift up your beaters. If you beat it too long, it will turn into butter, so beware!

Next, you just make up the vanilla pudding mix with the milk according to the directions.

Most of your basic flavor will come from here, so make sure you get a high quality instant pudding mix. With these two things done, you can start putting all your ingredients together.

Sometimes it’s best to beat your cream cheese and vanilla pudding together first.

It’s best to try to get all the lumps out of your cream cheese, but it might also wake a while. Just be patient.

Then, you can add in your whipped cream. The package of chocolate cookies you’ve been waiting to use needs to be crushed and folded into this white mess.

That’s when you start to get the dirt color coming out.

Of course, the real fun with this dirt cake recipe is how you can present it.

This makes a great shower recipe, since it can be placed in individual flower pots in the center of the table. You can even stick new trowels and stems of fake plants in the pots to complete the effect.

People may not even guess that the dirt cake isn’t real dirt until you ask them to eat it.

One of the best parts about dirt cake, too, is that you get to add gummy worms to it.

Weaving the worms throughout the finished cake will help you guests be more surprised when they find them. Of course, you may also need to put some on top of the containers so that they know what’s coming.

I really love this dirt cake recipe because it appeals to all ages. Adults and kids both love it, and it can be a fun focal point for many parties and get togethers through the spring and summer months.

Also, you can make it slightly healthier by making different ingredient choices. For instance you can use skim milk and no sugar added vanilla pudding, as well as lower fat cream cheese.

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