Diaper Cake Instructions Made Easy

Diaper cake instructions are easy to follow and will create a baby shower gift that the mother to be will cherish (and the other guests will envy).

The only slightly difficult part of the process is binding the diapers so that they create smooth layers.

Practice with a few individual diapers to get the hang of the art of rolling. Below is the "recipe" of a standard cake. The diaper cake instructions can be modified to make a larger or smaller cake.

Reusable diapers can be used for eco-friendly parents. You will use fewer of these since they are more expensive but last longer.

Diaper Cake Instructions

  • Approximately 50 diapers*

  • Rubber bands (various sizes)

  • Ribbon

  • Adhesive tape

  • Wooden dowels

  • Small baby items such as bibs, pacifiers, combs and travel sizes of bath products.

  • Plastic serving tray

*How many diapers you need will vary for a few reasons. Diapers from different companies meant for the same sized child can vary in size and shape. It is a good idea to mix in several different sizes since babies outgrow them fast.

Choose a company whose diapers have a nice decoration on them. If one size of diaper in particular from that company has the best design, keep those layered on the outside. Make it easier on yourself and determine your total diaper number by something that's a multiple of a package size.


1. The top layer of the baby shower gift cake is the easiest to make so it's best to start there. Roll up a diaper so that the most attractive part is showing. Secure it so that it doesn't unroll with a rubber band. Add five or six more rolled diapers to the rubber band bundle and you have the top layer. Sit it aside for the time being.

2. The second layer is made the same way as the first just with more diapers. Start by making a replica of tier one (with five or six diapers). Then, with a larger rubber band, roll and attach about fifteen more diapers around the just made smaller tier. That is tier two.

3. Tier three requires you to replicate what was done with tier two (five or six diapers surrounded by fifteen more). Rubber band around thirty diapers to the outside of the tier with a larger rubber band.

4. Remove a diaper or two from the center of each tier and replace it with the small baby gifts you've selected.

5. Tie ribbon around each tier to cover up the rubber bands.

6. Assemble the tiers and secure them together by inserting the wooden dowels. Make sure the dowels go through each layer.

7. Place the "cake" on the serving tray. Affix the bottom tier to the tray with a small amount of adhesive tape.

As previously mentioned, these diaper cake instructions can be modified to suit your needs.

The number of diapers can be varied, tight ribbon can be used instead of rubber bands and you could wrap the entire cake in a mesh bag for easy transport and a pretty packaging.


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