The Truth About The Cupcake Wedding Cake

The cupcake wedding cake has exploded in popularity recently thanks to a shift in wedding trends towards a more casual (yet still elegant) style. An endorsement from Martha Stewart Weddings didn’t hurt, either.

Think cupcakes are more children’s birthday than wedding day bliss? Think again. There is more to these little cakes than meets the eye.

MYTH: A cupcake wedding cake will look “cheap” or “tacky”.

FACT: Bakers and cake designers are able to apply most of the same techniques as they are to their larger cakes. Sugared flowers, butter cream frosting and gourmet fillings are just some of the options for revving up your cupcake design.

Even better, the self-contained portions allow for a variety of designs and flavors to be represented. Variety is the spice of life!

MYTH: A cupcake wedding cake will take away from wedding cake traditions such as the first cut.

FACT: That first cut as man and wife is a time honored tradition in weddings but it needn’t be thrown out if you choose cupcakes. Often the tier of cupcakes will include one layer of “real” cake for the bride and groom to cut into

Some creative couples have even made their first slice into a cupcake! And if you decide to smash some dessert in each others faces, this will be a manageable size.

MYTH: They are a special order product that are only available from top-of-the-line designers and will cost more than a “real” cake.

FACT: Many top of the line cake designers are now featuring cupcake cakes alongside their other works.In almost all cases the cupcake versions are more budget friendly. But your local baker should be equally capable at creating your confection.

You will get a beautiful, trendy dessert for half the price. This option will also save you on cake cutting and serving fees since the guests will be able to pick up their dessert and mingle.

MYTH: Cupcake wedding cakes won’t look as beautiful in photos as a tiered wedding cake.

FACT: Who says you can’t have tiers? Cake stands and some creative stacking allow bakers to make your cupcake monument have multiple tiers or even different shapes.

Spiraling different shades of cupcakes down a series of tiers can create a beautiful garden effect. But make sure no guests walk off with their serving before photos have been taken or you’ll be covering some gaps!

The fact is that cupcakes can make a wedding budget a lot lighter and infuse a little fun into the reception. For an added kick, incorporate your wedding favors into the dessert.

Top each cupcake with a tiny trinket for an undeniably personalized look. Just be sure they don’t look edible. You don’t want anyone swallowing a broach!

Another favor idea saves you (or your family) from taking home leftover cupcakes and feeding on them for weeks. Gorgeous take home boxes are cheap and can be placed on each table to encourage the guests to take some of the magic back to their own homes.

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