Don't You Just Love the Smell of Cupcakes Baking in the Oven?

Do you remember when you young and you couldn't wait for the cupcakes baking in the oven? Do you remember the excitement of making the batter, licking the bowl, and watching someone pour the mixture into the paper cups?

How about the wonderful memories just before they came out? The smell that would float through the entire area - not just the kitchen! - and entice visitors to linger and enjoy a home made treat?

Do you even remember the joy that came with pulling them out of the oven and burning your fingers trying to be the first to get a cupcake from the wrapping and into your mouth - even before it was frosted?

Don't just wait for the cupcakes in the oven again! Recreate that memory with a delicious and easy cupcake treat!

What You'll Need:

Cupcake batter

Cupcake tin

Cupcake papers

White frosting

Colored writing gel

After baking allow them to cool, enjoy the smell, then ice them with a thick white frosting (Any flavor), be sure to hold the writing gel high above the cupcake.

Squeeze gently, and just let it fall where it goes, moving it to create patterns.

Do two to three different colors per cupcake, and really have fun, experiencing that child-like glee with baking, decorating, and finally, being eaten!


This special baking is a wonderful smell that you can't experience many places. It's overwhelming, and can bring back so many strong, powerful memories.

We live in a busy world - don't deprive yourself of the childish fun that keeps us all young!

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