Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Searching for some unique and innovative cupcake decorating ideas? If you're simply fed up with the average icing-on-the-cupcake look, look no further.

We've listed some of our favorites, but don't feel restricted. I hope that you can gain some form of inspiration reading this and branch off using your own unique and interesting ideas for cupcakes to delight and surprise.

The Eye

Searching for easy decorating ideas? All you need is your cupcake, iced with white icing, a small black piece of candy, and red gel icing that you can purchase at any grocery store.

After you've iced the cupcake, place the black candy firmly in the center so it sinks slightly. Then, make 5-7 lines stretching out of the black 'pupil' of the cupcake like the branches of a tree.

Your final product is a unique and fun 'eye' that will make children and adults talk about it for quite a long time!


This is an absolutely wonderful treat for anyone searching for unique cupcake decorating ideas that they won't spend all day on. This is also fun for kids to do.

Choose any type of cupcake, and ice it with white icing. Then, take white or pastel yellow mini marshmallows and cut them in half carefully. Pinch them together firmly, and put them on top of the cupcake. Keep adding marshmallows until you have a cupcake bursting with popcorn!

Searching for More Realism? Dilute yellow food coloring and dip a clean paintbrush in it, then gently paint the marshmallows on top for a fresh, buttery look.

Still Looking?

Don't fret - there's so many different cupcake decorating ideas, all you need to do is stimulate the creative parts of your brain!

For instance, if you're having a little girls' party, using fruit leather cut to size and melted chocolate you can shape a little girl's face, dress, and hair - eyes and mouth included!

Want something simple and easy to eat? Pipe chocolate icing on a chocolate cupcake, then add tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips and pecans for a unique and interesting 'rocky road' treat.

There are thousands of unique and fun cupcake ideas. Don't limit yourself - expand, and remember. Everything goes with cupcakes!

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