What Makes a Cupcake Different and Unique?

The beauty of a cupcake is that it isn't something a lot of people see anymore, instead opting to bake an entire cake - which can be completely unneeded and excessive.

They are like small pieces of a greater, more delicious piece. With less than an actual 'piece of cake' and better cake-to-icing ratio, and what's more, they're easier and quicker to make.

Raving fans can cite countless reasons why they dominate a normal, conventional cake hands down. However, many of these reasons why they are better'!

The real truth is that they are smaller and more convenient then your conventional, everyday cake. You can pack them in a lunch box or serve it at a professional lunch.

They are also easier to bake and decorate then a cake, which means you get done with it a lot faster then you would baking and icing a normal cake. It also works better in a last-minute situation then a cake does.

Yet another reason is that a birthday cupcake is a wonderful treat for children's parties, as kids don't want to sit there are have to eat their cake - it is something that they can eat on the go.

Searching for a way to make your creation stand out from the crowd? There are plenty of ways to turn something plain and boring into something that's new and fun. Why not take it up a notch with your own gourmet creation.

To make a design that no one has seen, take a cookie cutter and hold it over the cup cake. Add sprinkles inside the cookie cutter, and then pull it away - what you have is a sprinkle-shape that looks so professional, your friends will swear you bought it.

Yet another idea is take icing and use two different colors, striping them or even piping icing to create shapes.

There's so much you can go - use your creativity, and go wild.

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