A delicious Coconut Cake Recipe

5 Ways to Make a Coconut Cake Recipe Even Better

Coconut is one of those things that people either love or hate.

The nutty flavor is also somewhat fruity. This is why this tree nut is sometimes used in place of fruits in things like cake.

It can easily be sweetened and turned into a delightful confection.

If you’re one of those people who really loves coconut and you want to make your favorite cake recipe into something really special, here are a few suggestions.

1. Add other fruit flavors. Coconut pairs well with lots of fruity flavors, especially tart ones.

One excellent way to make a coconut cake recipe even better is to add lemon glaze or curd to the cake.

You can stick it between the layers of the cake or spread it thinly on top underneath vanilla flavored icing.

2. Shred coconut on top. This is the simplest way to dress up a coconut cake.

It can be easy to overdo, though! If your cake already has a strong coconut flavor, you may want to skip this step in favor of traditional frosting.

However, shredded coconut can look really interesting on top of an iced cake.

3. Add some chocolate. Chocolate and coconut pair beautifully together.

One excellent way to create a beautiful coconut cake with just a hint of chocolate flavor is to shred some chocolate on top of the cake.

If you add it to shredded coconut, the black and white look will be really interesting an appealing.

4. Experiment with adding chocolate to the actual cake. Again, chocolate and coconut pair very well together.

Many cake recipes are for white or vanilla cakes, but chocolate can be a good option, as well.

5. Decorate it like a regular birthday or wedding cake. Many times, coconut cake looks distinctive because it’s decorated with, well, coconut. You can really surprise guests by making your cake look just like a normal vanilla cake.

They won’t know the difference until they take one delicious bite.

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