The fundamentals of the chocolate lava cake recipe revealed

A Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe to Wow your Guests!

Okay, so chocolate lava cake is perhaps one of the best desserts on the face of the planet whether you dress it up or not.

Really, it’s the average woman’s dream dessert. It’s crafted from rich, dark chocolate, and it’s made in individual portions so that you aren’t expected to share at all.

If you have an excellent chocolate lava cake recipe, it’s really optional to dress it up at all.

If you really want to wow your guests at dessert, though, here are five ways to make a spectacular dessert even better.

1. Serve it on plain white plates. You might think that fun colored dishes will look best, but, really, plain white plates will set off the beauty of all that black chocolate even more.

2. Drizzle it with hot chocolate sauce. This is perhaps the easiest way to make a chocolate lava cake even better.

It already involves chocolate sauce, so just take some of the extra and make artful stripes or swirls across the serving plate.

3. Add a colored sauce. Depending on the crowd, you may want to use raspberry or strawberry sauce.

Sweet fruit sauces go well with the dark chocolate flavor.

Another option is to use caramel sauce, which will add a whole new dimension to this cake.

You could also consider replacing the lava in the cake with a sauce that’s something other than chocolate.

4. Use fresh berries. For a truly classy dessert presentation, add a few fresh berries to the side.

Ripe raspberries are a popular option. A cluster of blueberries or a single large, ripe strawberry would also do the trick.

5. Add some cream. There are tons of ways to add cream. You can use traditional whipped cream to the side of the cake, or you could drizzle the entire confection with crème Anglaise as the English tend to do.

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