Quick Cake Decorating Tips!

Cake decorating tips are so abundant that it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad.

For the novice baker, all of the terms and ingredients can seem like an overwhelmingly foreign language.

Relax! It's not as hard as it all looks. These cake decorating tips will help a beginner baker master the most difficult sounding (and appearing) techniques if they invest a little time and research into what they are doing.

Where do you start? As I said cake decorating ideas and tips are everywhere: magazines, television and the Internet.

Browse through some of these sources when you have a few free minutes and see what sort of designs attract your attention. Do you look the sleek simplicity of fondant and silk flowers?

Or is a dusting of colored sugar with bold gum paste accents more to your liking? Once you have identified what draws your eye, research what the ingredients are.

Here are a few of my favorite cake decorating tips I have followed over the years. The two most common icings you will encounter are buttercream and fondant. How can you tell the difference?

Buttercream more closely resembles traditional icing in that it is smooth, sweet and has kind of a creamy look to it. Fondant, when stretched over a cake, takes on a glassy look.

Fondant is the more expensive of the two. Buttercream can be used with fondant, however, as a base layer between it and the cake.

Flowers are a common cake decorating idea since there is a great deal of versatility. Real, silk and gumpaste flowers can be used to adorn a cake. What is gumpaste? It is edible dough with a clay-like consistency made from glycerin, gum Arabic and icing sugar.

The creations possible with gum paste are endless though flowers and lacework are its most common uses Believe it or not, gumpaste aren't the only ones that are edible.

Consult a florist and you will find that many real flowers are also edible. Make sure you ask since some flowers can be poisonous.

Knowing what fondant and gumpaste are is only the first step towards fulfilling that cake decorating idea. Thankfully, there really is no need for you to make these ingredients from scratch at home. Confection companies such as Wilton have done that laborious step for you.

You can buy a ready to use bag of gum paste, for example, for under ten dollars. The best cake-decorating tip is to utilize tools to help your creation process. Flower making tools help guide that gumpaste into a flower bud.

Purchase a kit and read the instructions. If you take your time and learn from your mistakes your edible flowers will be as gorgeous as those growing in the garden.


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