Learning Cake Decorating Techniques

Different Cake Decorating Techniques

Decorating a cake is about more than slapping on some colored icing and writing a name with a gel icing pen.

If you really want to wow them at the family picnic, get together, or birthday party, you’re going to have to really pull out the big guns.

Luckily, decorating a cake isn’t all that difficult if you give it some practice. You’ll want to practice these cake decorating techniques in your own home first when you don’t care how things turn out.

Then, you can take them into the wide world to see what sorts of reactions you’ll get.

These decorating techniques are ones that should be eased into. Some people prefer to start with certain techniques, and others start out with other techniques.

Either way, start with what’s easiest for you at first. Then you can gradually work your way into learning how to use more difficult techniques. Here are a few things you might try:

Smooth icing: This is one of the simplest and also the most difficult things to try. You can use royal or buttercream icing to try to achieve that smooth look.

When you do this, you can’t just smooth out the icing with a regular butter knife. Instead, you need special cake decorating tools. These tools include icing levels that will let you scrape the entire side of the cake level at once.

Along with this technique, you can also learn how to make icing look rustic or frosty, depending on what you do to it afterwards. These are actually simpler techniques because they involve a bit less perfections and symmetry.

Fondant: Of course, this is the hottest new thing in cake decorating. Fondant is a sugary substance that rolls out and is laid over a cake and carefully pressed down.

Fondant cakes normally have smooth, round edges. You can also use this stiff sort of paste to create flowers and other decorations for your cake, and you can use stamps to press designs in to the fondant before laying it on the cake.

This process also involves special tools of its own. You have to have smoothers that will get the bubbles out of the fondant and cause it to lay flush against the cake.

You will also need a rolling pin to roll it out flat first. This can be the most difficult part. You have to make sure you get all the bubbles out, but you also can’t get the fondant too thin or it won’t work.

Piped Icing: There are all sorts of ways to pipe icing onto a cake. This is one of the easiest cake decorating techniques to learn.

You can use a bag with different types of nozzles to create flowers, outlines, and other interesting decorations on any cake that you make.

Much of the decoration around the edges of popular birthday cakes are piped out of buttercream icing and are used to decorated the bottom of the cake, as well.

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