Five Cake Decorating Ideas With Fondant

If you’ve got some great cake decorating ideas using fondant but aren’t sure how to use this chic new icing technique, these tips can really help you out.

Fondant isn’t hard to use once you get the hang of it, but you really do need to practice a bit first. Before you even start practicing, though, you can use these tips to make your cake decorating ideas really come out right the first time.

1. Always apply a layer of something sticky under fondant icing. Many times, professionals will use a thin layer of buttercream icing. This helps the fondant stick.

In Europe, they often use a glaze, typically flavored like apricot because this fruit gives just enough flavor without adding too much. Either way, this makes the decorating process easier.

2. Always cover your excess fondant with plastic wrap when you’re working with it.

This icing will keep for up to two months, but it dries out easily if you just leave it to sit while you’re working with it.

3. To color your fondant, add some special icing coloring to it and knead it in before you start decorating.

You should consider adding in your coloring with a toothpick.

The distance between not enough coloring and too much coloring is only a couple of drops, and a toothpick allows you ultimate control of your tints.

4. If these ideas with fondant involve extra decorations on top of the smooth surface, pick up a small painter’s brush.

Use the brush to apply a thin layer of water to the iced cake and the decoration, and apply the decoration over the water. It will dry and stick on much better.

5. You can emboss fun designs onto fondant cakes with all sorts of things. Buttons, ribbons, and even sturdy leaves and flowers from your garden can add fun decorative touches to your cake.

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