You Will Always Bake Amazing Desserts With A Cake Cookbook

Expert and new bakers alike love collecting cake cookbooks. I'm no exception, either! It's a wonder that there's still room in the kitchen for my baking tools.

There are so many tasty looking titles to chose from when it comes to baking. But when you think about how long it takes to find a book and then make the recipe, you realize how quickly time can fly by. That's not helpful when you're baking on a deadline.

For that reason, I'd like to share a new dessert cookbook I just found with you because it deals with children's cakes. Good for any occasion where kids are involved, I think it's best suited to birthday party cakes.

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Confetti Cakes For Kids (limited time discount price)

Confetti Cakes For Kids ( full price)

Most of the kid-focused dessert cookbooks that you buy involve recipes that allow younger chefs to participate. The one pictured here caught my attention because it's suited to big kids: adults.

Even though there's plenty of pages to describe everything from the basics to the details, I think it takes a lot of time and patience to bake the cakes you'll find in this cake cookbook.

For example, there are colorful descriptions on how to lay fondant and extremely detailed step-by-step instructions that can take just over an hour to prepare dessert.

You should use this book every time you want to impress the picky guests at a theme birthday party! You know how honest kids can be. They'll honestly love cakes topped with safari animals, cute monsters, or even ones like look like other food (think hamburger and fries)!

Grab your own personal copy of Confetti Cakes For Kids today so that you'll be ready whenever you need to light a fire to not only birthday candles but a child's imagination!

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Don't want to pay more for your sweet tooth? I can't blame you! Check out what else my favorite discount dessert cookbook store has to offer right now.

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