The Right Cake Baking Pans Make a Difference

Cake baking pans come in a variety of styles and shapes for whatever your baking needs may be. From the traditional non-stick square pans to one shaped like a cathedral, the proper pan for your project will make the process go smoothly.

If you have an upcoming special event, save money spent on hiring a baker. Wedding cake pans and birthday cake pans are commercially available for low prices and can bring an artistry to your dessert making skills.

How do you know what kind of cake baking pans you should keep in your kitchen? For everyday use, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) and only keep on hand what pans you would most likely use.

Specialty cake pans can be purchased when events arise but your kitchen cabinets shouldn't be overflowing with pans shaped like cartoon characters.

For most home bakers, one cake pan will suffice. The traditional shapes are round and square. The shape and whatever size you want (there are several) are up to you. If you plan on using boxed mix often, consult the back of your favorite brand to see what size they tailor the directions to.

NOTE: If you plan on making cheesecakes, invest in a springform pan. The sides of this pan lift away as the cheesecake is cooling to prevent unsightly cracking.

If you have a special event coming up, a specialty cake pan will be a godsend. Starting the process with a cake already formed in a beautiful shape allows you the time to focus on decorating. There are a multitude of specialty pan styles available.

Cake Baking Pans: By Occasion

Children's Birthday

Be a hero and create a superhero cake. Spiderman and Superman are the most popular among children and cake baking pans are available in these shapes.

If your child watches television more than the sky, many cartoon characters are also available.

Choose among Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby Doo, Dora the Explorer and Care Bears. Athletes will love the pan shaped like a football, soccer ball or basketball. There is even a 3-D Soccer Ball available for purchase that makes the ball look ready to kickā€¦err, eat.

The great thing about these pans is that the impressions left in the cake can act as a stencil for where to place the icing.

Adult's Birthday

A wide variety of interests and hobbies can be represented in dessert form. That fisherman in your life can slice into a cake shaped like a jumping fish. A bibliophile can be treated with an open book on which you ice some lines from a favorite novel.

The shopping addicts might try to walk off with the shopping bag cake. For a sports fan, you can decorate a football helmet or pennant to represent their team. Luck can be a lady (or gentleman) with a horseshoe cake.

Baby Showers

Many images associated with babies are available in cake form. A basinet or set of blocks can remind the expectant mother of what's to come.

A stork cake can be winked over knowingly. A 3-D Bear cake is an adorable treat but you might feel bad when you have to hack off the little guy's ear!

Wedding Cake Pans

Doves are a symbol of peace and a welcome treat on the wedding cake table. You can also create a cake that mimics the look of an open guest book.

For a unique guest favor, specialty wedding cake pans are available that make individually sized three-tier wedding cakes.

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