The butter pound cake recipe history

Looking at the modern butter pound cake recipe, you may not immediately guess where this recipe came from.

It’s not too difficult to understand, though, once you learn a bit about its history. Some cakes just have really funny names, and pound cake is one of them.

This lovely, rich, dense cake has come down through the ages to become one of the famous cakes in a woman’s baking box.

Back in pioneer days, women were cooking in kitchens that didn’t have many baking utensils, let alone measuring cups and such.

There were certainly delicate recipes around, and these women may have brought recipes from the east with them when they traveled west.

However, these recipes were no longer logical to use on the frontier. They called for specifically measures ingredients, and it was hard to get correct measurements with no actual measuring cups, spoons, and such.

So, women started working with recipes that weren’t quite so delicate. It was out of this need that the butter pound cake recipe was born.

Pioneer women decided that they just needed to work with ingredients that were already measured. Just like they do today, flour, sugar, and butter tended to come in one pound packages back then.

Even if they didn’t, many women had access to weight measuring tools that they could use to get out a pound of each ingredient. The original recipe included exactly one pound of each of the main cake ingredients.

This dense, rich cake became a favorite in pioneer days. Of course, then it was probably cooked over the coals, and it made an absolutely huge cake.

Since sweets like this were typically only enjoyed at large community gatherings, this was just fine. Today’s butter pound cake uses smaller proportions, but it tastes just as delicious as it did back then.

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