The Secret to Having Fun with The Bridal Shower Cake

The bridal shower cake is a fun way to celebrate a bride’s personality or tastes while feeding her hungry shower guests. The type of cakes served at bridal showers vary widely based on budget and style and theme of the shower.

There are no hard and fast rules or traditions regarding these confections. Often they will be treated like miniature versions of the actual wedding cake.

A bridal shower cake by no means needs to be elegant or overly expensive.

What are some popular ideas for a bridal shower cake?

Picture Perfect: Many wedding cake decorators and even some grocery store bakeries are able to put a picture onto a sheet cake. Get a current photo of the bride and groom together and turn it in to your baker.

A super sweet idea is to use two separate photos: one of the bride and the groom when they were children. Choose photos of them when they were similarly aged to show how far they’ve come.

Interests in Icing: Does the bride have a hobby that she is known for? Design a cake around a hobby or interest of the bride’s for a very personal touch. If she’s a shopaholic, have the cake shaped like a shopping bag (or-for a humorous touch- a fifty dollar bill).

A baseball playing beauty can be complimented with a ball shaped cake bearing her batting average. Careers also can be used here. Lawyers can cut into a set of scales, teachers into an apple and nurses into a stethoscope.

Wedding Cake Jr.: Reproduce the actual wedding cake on a much, much smaller scale. Tiers, flowers, and fondant can be used to match the theme of the dessert for the big day. The bride might not want an exact replica so that there’s a surprise at the reception but it shouldn’t be hard to match its general style.

Wonderful Words: Writing on cakes is a simple technique any baker can do for little expense. Other than the obvious (the names of the marrying couple, the wedding date) there are a myriad of other text options. Inscribe the words to the bride’s favorite poem or song.

Design a small family tree with a question mark placed below the names of the bride and groom (obviously, only if they have no children yet).


It is perfectly acceptable for a member of the bride’s family (or a friend) to whip up a bridal shower cake on their own. If there is someone that has even basic baking skills this is a fun and frugal option.

Store bought cake mix and icings are perfect for this kind of cake. Extras like silk or sugared flowers, toppers and fondant pearls can be purchased at bakery or craft stores for relatively little money.

If you’re stuck on ideas, visit a bakery and talk to the staff about the kinds of shower cakes they have designed. No matter where you go there’s a good chance someone on staff has experience in the area and can help you design something that the bride will remember well after the wedding has come and gone.

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