How to Make an Amazing
Birthday Cupcake

Ever consider making a birthday cupcake for your child or spouse instead of a traditional cake? People are turning to them for a multitude of different reasons, all resulting in a special dessert instead of an overpriced cake.

If you're searching for secrets to making them perfect for your party, you can look no further - we've got what you need to change an ordinary cupcake into something extraordinary.

Changing a Birthday Cupcake

Just baking them and slapping some frosting on it does indeed make a cupcake. But this kind of cupcake shouldn't just be that - it should be special, exciting, and something that you should look forward to.

The best way to make an ordinary cupcake amazing? On each cupcake, why don't you try a letter on each cupcake - spelling out 'Happy Birthday'.

Figurines make the best toppers for them, but they can get expensive if you're not careful. There are other options for something unique!

Try fondant - no, that's not what you dip toasted bread into, but it's a type of sugar that can create beautiful things, if you let it.

After rolling out the fondant, cookie cutter-like tools are used to create some amazing shapes. Flowers, hearts, race cars, and more - there's literally no end to what can be added on top of one of them.

Try flowers for a girl's party - a baseball for a little boys. A train for a younger child, or a heart for a close friend's. There are so many choices to really make them special and unique.


Making these festive cupcakes won't just make the party a good time. They will make the entire day stand out, and can have everyone talking about the unique and exciting day.

The difference between these cupcakes and a birthday cake is simple. One is a classic treat. The other is something different, fun, and unique. (For a quick and easy recipe click here)

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