Having Trouble Coming up With a Birthday Cake Idea?

A good birthday cake idea doesn’t sound hard in theory but sometimes when it comes time to visit the baker your mind can draw a blank.

Don’t settle for a tired sheet cake with standard text, lazy borders and a few rosettes.

Inspiration for a phenomenal cake can be found in many places and will make the guest of honor feel honored.

Picture Perfect: Most bakeries can now apply a photograph onto the top of a cake with stunningly realistic results. What sort of photo should you choose?

Those taken of family, vacations and any portraits are good candidates. A photo from childhood can be sweet if the birthday boy or girl is getting up in age.

Career Cake: A square cake can be made to resemble a calculator for that CPA in your life. A mortar and pestle can be shaped for a pharmacist.

No matter how your loved one makes their living, there is some item or another that will be representative. Only choose this option if the person likes their job. No need to compound their misery in cake form if they don’t.

Icing Interests: Hobbies make great birthday cake ideas because they are by definition things that make the recipient feel good. Baseball fans can have a ball as their cake. For the football fan, get a helmet of their favorite team.

Drama masks will please the amateur (or professional) thespian. Small square cakes can be tiered to resemble a stack of books for the bibliophiles, with the spines and titles defined on one side of the cake in icing. If you can’t think of any outstanding interests that the person has, a television remote might be a safe (and amusing) bet.

Age Appropriate: How high the number of the birthday will hint at what direction you should steer in with your birthday cake ideas. (see also 1st birthday cake ideas)

Getting a tombstone shaped cake will be amusing for someone turning forty but inappropriate (and somewhat horrifying) if given to a six year old. Likewise, leave the cartoon characters to the kids. Yes, many adults do still love their cartoons but there is a time and a place.

If the baker, upon hearing your design idea, asks how old the child is and the intended receiver is an adult, rethink your plans.

Color Block: Is there a color theme running through the party decorations? Use that theme to influence the cake. A simple yet elegant design such as stripes or a checkered pattern can be done in coordinating shades. If a color theme hasn’t been decided, classic combinations like black and white can lend a timeless look to the cake.

Gift Giving: What does every birthday party have other than a cake? Presents. A gift box shaped cake with a “tag” bearing the recipients name can be a good portent of things to come. Square cakes can be tiered at different angles to look like a stack of boxes.

Regardless of what birthday cake idea you decide to go with, the effort you have put in to make it a personal experience will be noticed by the person having the birthday.


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