Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Birthday cake decorating can make throwing a party a more intimate of an occasion. Long gone are the days where the process is carried out by a harried mother who spends five hours in the kitchen decorating a dessert for her child's birthday that will be demolished within minutes.

The baking industry realizes the busy schedules most people have these days and have adjusted accordingly. Shaped pans, pre-made decorations and ready-to-go ingredients have made it possible for you to produce a stellar birthday cake for a child or an adult in very little time.

Birthday Cake Decorating Design Tip 1:

Shaped Pans

Shaped pans are like the paint by numbers books of the baking world. All you have to do is make a cake mix according to package directions, pour the batter into the mold, bake and the cake is already in a professional-looking shape.

Since the pan creates indentations on the cake, icing and decorations can be traced over the lines for foolproof decorating. The scope of shapes these pans cover is very broad but we'll list some of the best and brightest by occasion.

Children's Birthday

  • Superheroes (Superman and Spiderman being favorites)

  • Cartoon characters (Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo, Care Bears and many more)

  • Vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes)

  • Dinosaurs (T-Rex, triceratops and all their friends)

  • Disney Princesses

  • Enchanted castle

  • Sports balls (football, basketball and soccer)

  • Teddy bears

  • Animals (dolphin, ladybug, butterflies and many more)

Adult's Birthday

  • Sports (balls, football helmets or pennants)

  • Handbag

  • Books

  • Fish

  • Palm Tree

  • Tractor

  • Rose

  • Guitar


  • Sunflower

  • Over the Hill tombstone

Birthday Cake Decorating Design Tip 2:

Pre-made Decorations

If your concept of pre-made decorations is in the area of the sprinkles sold in the supermarket next to the cake mixes, you may want to think outside of the box. Gum paste decorations (usually, but not limited to, flowers) are sold already created at some craft and baking stores or online.

These edible beauties can simply be applied to your icing to make it look like you slaved away making dessert. Tiny buds, full swags and large ribbons can add a lot of drama to your cake.

If you love the look of Swiss Dots but have an unsteady hand with icing, try applying gleaming pearls made of fondant in a Swiss Dot like pattern.

The pearls have a stiff outside but soft middle and retain their shape beautifully on the outside of the cake. Make sure to use a thick enough frosting for them to adhere to the sides.

Birthday Cake Decorating Design Tip 3:

Ready-to-go Ingredients

Cake mixes are a shortcut that even the best bakers have used from time to time. But these mixes aren't the only read-to-go products you can have on hand to make the baking experience a faster one.

For the price you pay for an icing in the same supermarket aisle, you could have a can of white Buttercream Frosting from Wilton's. Also delicious is their Vanilla Whipped Icing Mix.

Many companies offer already made (and rolled) fondant if you want the glamour of this icing without the pain associated with making it from scratch.

If your artistic ability is greater than your piping ability, skip the pastry bag route and purchase some FoodWriter Primary Colors Edible Color Markers. They look like something a child could take to school but will draw on any frosting surface to create a graphic scene.

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