Basic Cake Decorating Tips For A Mouth Watering Creation

Some people are blessed with basic cake decorating skills. Without being taught, they can ice a cake wonderfully, and have no trouble with crafting impressive works.

The rest of us simply aren't! If you're lost when it comes to the most basic cake decorating tips, don't worry. You're not alone, but you don't have to be in the dark the rest of your life.

Perfect Frosting

Tired of your icing looking absolutely horrible on your cake, no matter what you try? Does the final product look rough, bumpy, and like a mountain range gone bad?

This is the first issue with those learning cake decorating. After you let your cake completely and totally cool, put it on a flat surface and get your frosting ready.

Dip your spatula in hot water before you start frosting to help keep it smooth, and put all of the frosting you're going to use on the cake before you start icing.

Long, even strokes make icing a cake easier, and don't over-do it. Several long, even strokes, and you're done.

Those Beautiful Decorations

Even see a cute little, completely eatable decorations that taste like pure sugar? This is the best kept decorating secret. It's called fondant, and you can buy it at any cake decorating store.

You can roll it out and use special cutters to cut through it. Then, all you have to do is place them in the frosting of the cake, and let them harden.

This really gives your cake something so completely different and unique, and really doesn't take much time at all.


Still having issues with cake decorating? Never fear - there are hundreds of courses and books out there to make your cake come out like a professional, polished piece of art. And of course there is this site to help you! And besides, even with this information, your cake is going to be a head above others.

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