The Special Baby Shower Gift Cake

A baby shower gift cake is a welcome and beautiful present to bestow on any mom to be. The easy to assemble "cake" is made out of diapers- which no new parents ever have enough of.

The ribbons on the cake can be coordinated to a baby shower theme or matched to the gender of the baby (yellow and green are good if the gender is unknown).

The cakes are normally comprised of three tiers made by rolling individual diapers and securing them in groups by either rubber band or tight ribbon. The tiers can be held together with wooden dowels or very carefully applied tape (you don't want the tape to rip the diapers when it is removed).

A baby shower game can be created where the guests have to guess how many diapers are in each tier. If you play this game, make sure you count the diapers before they are all assembled.

Bibs, pacifiers, booties and other small baby items can be stuffed down inside the tiers for a special surprise. Travel sized bath products are also good stuffers. If you have purchased a lot of coordinating clothing, fold or roll the garments and attach to the outside of the tiers.

This trick works especially well if the diapers you purchased are lacking some sort of decoration. If the diapers do have a nice decoration on them, roll them so that this shows on the outside of the cake.

There are different methods of "serving" a baby shower gift cake. A plastic tray or Lazy Susan can be used as a base. If you're short on time and supplies, cut a piece of cardboard into a circular shape about the size of the base and carefully tape it to the bottom.

A clear plastic or organza bag can be tied around the entire cake to ensure safe transport.

The mom-to-be and shower guests may not be the only ones who appreciate the artistry of your baby shower gift cake. A young woman, on the way to her sister's baby shower, went through the drive through at McDonald's with her gift cake sitting on the passenger seat.

The teenaged boy who worked in the first window noticed the cake and asked what it was. She explained it and he called over another employee, also a teenaged boy, to see it. The young woman arrived at the shower laughing and said that two teenaged boys had just said her cake was "dope".

If you want to go that extra mile, add a topper to your baby shower gift cake. At a recent shower I attended that had a Disney theme, the diaper cake was topped with a Minnie Mouse hat bearing the baby's name.

For a more general look, tie a stuffed animal to the top with ribbon or secure a large baby bottle filled with candy to the top. If the mom-to-be is craving chocolate, she may not wait until she gets home to remove the topper.

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