Baby Birthday Cake Make it Special and Fun!

A Baby birthday cake requires some thought not needed for those served to adults or older children. Factors that need to be considered include allergies, a simplified palate and specialty diets (like that of vegans).

Whatever special needs are required for the cake there will be a baker who can help.

An increasing number of bakeries are tailoring their menu to fit allergens and diets. Understanding the basics of what you want from your baby birthday cake will help you steer your baker (or yourself) in the right direction.

Allergy Alert

The most common allergies we hear about are soy, gluten and dairy. Did you know that strawberries are also a major allergen among children? Medical professionals recommend that this fruit not even be introduced into a child's diet until they are at least a year old.

If your child is turning one and has yet to have a test run of strawberries you should avoid putting them in or on the cake. Egg allergies are also very common in children.

Kids normally outgrow this by the time they are six or seven years old but, like strawberries, the first birthday party is probably not the best time to test this allergen out.

What to do if your child is allergic to one (or all) of the ingredients above? Allergen free bakers have found a way to keep the recipes for cakes delicious while keeping your little ones safe.

Eggs can be replaced with a yeast mixture, soy with canola oil, dairy with an oil mixture and gluten with a mix of rice flour and potato starch. Remember that many regular icings contain eggs and dairy. Specialty stores create them by using palm oil or shortening instead of the allergens.

Fit Flavors

Let's face it: babies do not have that advanced of a palate. That is why they enjoy mushy peas in baby food and not, say, duck a la orange.

When you are selecting your cake flavors and frostings, keep that in mind. Baby birthday cakes do not need to involve fondant, meringue mousse fillings or gum paste butterflies.

Chocolate, vanilla, applesauce cake and spice cake are simple flavors that are sweet enough to delight the child without overwhelming their taste buds (or giving them enough sugar to be awake for four days).

Icings should also be light, like a cream cheese frosting, to cut back on sweetness. If the child is using a smash cake ( a small one only they will eat from that will most likely get smashed into their face) you may want to choose an icing that is easy to clean up and doesn't stain.

Dandy Diets

Vegan parents needn't abandon their lifestyle choices when selecting a baby birthday cake. As stated in the allergen section, eggs can be replaced by a yeast mixture and dairy with an oil mixture at your bakers discretion.

Vegan egg and dairy replacements are available for purchase at health food stores.

The internet is full of vegan recipes if you want to make a baby birthday cake at home. Carrot cakes in particular are easily made vegan. These cakes are good even for non-vegan families if allergens are a factor.

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