Which specialty cake pans are the best choices?

Choosing specialty cake pans for special occasions can be tough. There are just so many options out there!

I like to decide on which cake pans to suggest according to the skill level of the cake baker and, of course, the occasion.

Here are just some of the specialty cake pans I like to use and suggest.

The easiest type of pan to use that will still give your cake a little something extra is a shaped pan, such as a heart or a star. These pans aren’t that much different from regular square or round sheet cake pans.

You just have to make sure that you carefully line the pan with butter, flour, or parchment paper so that the cake doesn’t stick.

You can ice cakes from these pans in just about any style. If you like it extravagant, go for it. They also look great with just a layer of plain colored icing on top, too.

For bakers who are ready to take things to the next level, there are shaped character pans and three-dimensional pans.

These can come in everything from Disney and Nickelodeon characters to butterflies and pigs.

Right now, I’m just talking about the 3-D pans that are dimensional only on one level. That is, the cake lies flat on the cake board and pops up in interesting shapes from there.

These pans are a little different from regular sheet cake pans because they have lots of nooks and crannies, and they may also make thicker cakes.

This means you have to be extra careful about how you make them so that the cake won’t stick.

You also have to be careful about baking temperatures and times. It may take a bit longer at a somewhat lower temperature to get the middle of the cake done without burning the edges.

As for decorating, these specialty cake pans make it pretty easy. Often times, they’ll come with specific directions and icing colors, especially if you’re working on a licensed character cake.

The directions will tell you what to ice in which colors and what to outline. There isn’t really any artistry involved, since you can easily follow the contours that are already on the cake for most of the details.

This makes it simple for those who don’t have a lot of cake decorating experience.

The last type of cake pans that I like to suggest only for those who have some serious cake baking experience is the full 3-D pan.

This type of pan can make round balls, princess dresses that stand up, or even Easter eggs. The pans come with two halves that you bake separately.

Then, you squish the halves together with a special type of extra sticky icing. You can ice them once they’re put together.

The putting together and icing part of this experiment can be a little rough on bakers, which is why I suggest only trying this type of cake pan if you’re very experienced.

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