Kids Cake Decorating Ideas to Make Your Next Party Special

Three Great Kids Cake Decorating Ideas

Putting together birthday parties for kids is always fun, but it can be kind of a chore, too. If you love baking you might be planning on making your kid’s own birthday cake.

It’s great to have a homemade cake, but don’t let your homemade cake look just like everyone else’s.

Instead, use these decorating ideas to make a cake that really stands out but still leaves you with your sanity.

1. Make a cupcake cake. This is one of the absolute best kids cake decorating ideas for several reasons.

For one thing, it can be much easier to ice individual cupcakes than to ice an entire cake. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cutting the cake, and cleanup can be a little easier, too.

Just sent the munchkins outside with their cupcakes and collect the paper cups. No need to worry about getting out or cleaning up extra plates for the occasion.

There are all sorts of things you can do with this idea.

Cupcakes iced in particular colors and grouped together on a tray can make a shape, like a heart, a butterfly, or a Superman symbol.

You could also invest in a cupcake holder that allows you to make tiers of cupcakes. Decorate each individually and end up with an eclectic look.

If you’re really brave, you could ice each cupcake with plain icing and then allow the kids to decorate their own with sprinkles before eating them.

2. Use a character cake pan. This is one of the best kids cake decorating ideas.

It’s not really even for decorating the cake, since it starts all the way when you make the cake.

You can find all sorts of character pans that really look like the cartoon characters your kids watch every day. One of the best of these pans is a three dimensional Barbie dress that actually stands up.

You can decorate Barbie’s dress to look like the prettiest one at the ball, and then you can eat it.

There are all sorts of character pans available, and they make decorating really easy.

Instead of having to get creative, you just get the icing die packet that goes with that character and follow the directions for getting it all iced properly and in the right order. It’s really a piece of, well, cake.

3. Use fondant shapes. Even if you aren’t very familiar with how fondant works, you can still use shapes made out of it to create interesting accents to a plain birthday cake.

Use your favorite icing to ice the cake. You can then roll out colored fondant sheets and cut out stars, hearts, letters, and more with fondant presses or even regular cookie cutters.

Tack the shapes onto the cake with an almond paste solution for the best results.

All of these easy kids cake decorating ideas can be used to spice up your next birthday party. The cake is, after all, the focal point of the entire day!

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