Free Cake Decorating Ideas to Save Money/Time

Here's where I find free cake cecorating ideas

Whether you’ve been decorating cakes for a while or are just starting out, you need somewhere to get ideas.

You don’t really need excellent ideas when you’re dealing with character cakes, since you can just fill in the pre-made form.

If you’re creating round, square, heart shaped, or stacked cakes, though, you might need some ideas to help you make your cakes unique. Luckily, there are tons of places to get free decorating ideas.

Here are just a few places I go to for inspiration.

Magazines are a great place to skim through for inspiration for cake decorating.

You don’t even need to be looking at magazines dedicated to cakes or baking at all.

Regular cooking magazines will have some ideas. Even home decorating, party planning, and parenting magazines typically have pictures of a few luscious desserts to entice their readers.

Check out how these desserts are decorated, and snag some ideas for your cakes, too.

Another place to look is on cake making, bakery, and cooking shows on television.

You may not be able to do the amazing fondant flowers that the pros can do, but you can at least use some of their style and design ideas.

This is normally helpful if you’re trying to make a super trendy cake.

Find out what’s going on in the world of cake baking and decorating by watching these fun – and sometimes suspenseful – television shows.

Of course, you can always just look around online, too. This is one of the places I find my best free cake decorating ideas.

When you’re searching the web for ideas, you can look at specific cake decorating sites.

They’ll probably have lots of how-to style ideas for you, which can be helpful if you’re just starting out. If you know the basics of decorating, though, you might want to just run an image search for “birthday cake,” “wedding cake,” or the like.

That will turn up thousands of images of professional and homemade cakes from all across the world, and you’re sure to find some great ideas there.

Another option, too, is to check out your recipes, baking books, and even cake pans.

Often times, these items will come with inserts or special instructions for certain types of free cake decorating ideas.

You might find simple ideas that will dress a cake up or complete instructions for an elaborate confection for a wedding. You never know until you look!

One final place that I like to find free inspiration for my cake designs is from my everyday life.

I try to recreate flowers from my garden, moments from my children’s lives, or other even scenes from my own home.

Sometimes I just draw inspiration from the colors of my favorite outfit or the swirls on a cute purse I see while I’m sitting in a café.

Free cake decorating ideas can come from anywhere if you’re just paying attention to the colorful, interesting little details of your everyday life.

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