Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

Do you need Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for A Birthday Party?

Getting ready for a kid’s birthday party isn’t easy. You’ve got to send out invitations, pick up food, plan the entertainment, clean the house, set out the food, and get ready to answer the door with a huge smile on your face. And then there’s the question of the cake.

Figuring out what to do about a birthday cake can be tough. Buying one pre-made from the supermarket can often land you with a generic cake that doesn’t even taste that good.

You probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a cake from a designer bakery, either, especially since a lot of it is probably going to end up on your floor. One option is to make your own cake.

Before you freak out and think that there’s absolutely no way, listen to these easy cake decorating ideas. Baking the cake is simple.

Just use a boxed mix! They’re actually cheaper, lots of times, than making a cake totally from scratch. Unless you’ve baked lots of cakes before, they’re more reliable, too. Once you get the cake mix, use some of these easy ideas to help spice up the cake and the birthday party both.

Use a Special Pan: This is probably one of the easiest ways to get your cake to look fantastic.

Instead of having to pipe a perfect cursive, “Happy Birthday Johnny” onto a plain sheet cake, why not get a special cake pan? You can get all sorts of 3-D pans online and in stores that create characters of every stripe imaginable.

Some are generic, and others are licensed characters.

Before you assume that a 3-D cake would be difficult to decorate, think about what I’m saying.

This type of cake has all the nooks and crannies outlined for you. All you have to do is ice certain parts in certain colors.

You might have to use an icing bag to get the little details in there, but mostly, this will just be straight up icing with particular colors.

As long as you can get consistently smooth icing, this can be a great idea for a birthday party.

Cut Outs: Another of the easy cake decorating ideas for birthday parties is to use cut outs for decorations.

Instead of trying to write letters, for instance, you can just cut them out of a sheet of fondant.

That makes your decorations look a little different, and it’s also super easy and simple. You can get all sorts of fondant cutters to make different shapes for your cake.

Toppers: Of course, there’s always the easiest thing you can do – a cake topper.

Just worry about getting the icing on and ready to go, and then your cake topper will take care of the rest.

A smaller birthday cake will be so full between the topper than the birthday candles that no one will even notice the missing words or whatever else you thought about putting on the cake.

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