Discontinued Wilton Cake Pans
Deals can be found!

Where Can You Get Discontinued Wilton Cake Pans?

Wilton cake pans are some of the best bakeware out there. They come in so many interesting varieties, and they last practically forever.

I just love using these pans in everyday cooking and for special occasions. Sometimes, though, there are pans I really want that are discontinued.

I looked around until I figured out where I could get these discontinued Wilton cake pans. Sometimes I can even get them at a hefty discount.

Who doesn’t love to save money all while getting the baking pans she needs?

One of the best places to get them is on eBay. This website is where tons of people get together to sell all the things they don’t want anymore.

The best part is that the pans that are listed there don’t necessarily have set prices.

Instead, you can place a bit for what you want to pay for the pan. If it goes for more than that, so be it. You might be able to get a fantastic deal on one of these pans, though! Just make sure that you factor shipping into the overall cost of your pan.

Sometimes you find that with shipping, it’s cheaper to buy a more expensive cake pan, if that makes sense.

Also, make sure you check eBay regularly. It’s like an online garage sale. You never know what you’re going to find from day to day!

Speaking of garage sales, those can also be a good place to find them. Many times people buy a pan just for a single occasion, hang on to it for a while, and finally decide to sell it at a garage sale.

You’ve probably done this before yourself!

Scan ads to see which garage sales in your area are selling bakeware, and then hit them up. You never know what you can find, and you can get even better deals at these sales than you can online or at auction sites!

Looking online is, of course, another option. There are entire websites devoted to discontinued Wilton cake pans. You can even get some recently discontinued varieties from the official Wilton website.

When you look at various website dedicated to these pans and other types of bakeware, you get the most variety in one place. You might pay a little more, but if you’re looking for something super specific, this is certainly the way to go.

A website will normally let you search for the specific pan you want at any given time, which can be very helpful if you’re in a hurry.

These are all great places I’ve found to get discontinued Wilton cake pans. There may be other places to look, too, such as in bake shops.

Sometimes owners no longer use certain pans, and sometimes they’re having moving or going out of business sales. These can be great places to get your hands on your very own Wilton bakeware in different shapes and sizes.

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