The benefits to cupcake baking cups

Which Cupcake Baking Cups are Best?

If you head to the grocery store – not even a specialty store, mind you! – you’ll probably find tons of different options in baking cups.

You can get paper, silicone, and aluminum as the main choices right now. Specialty stores also have special folded paper cups, decorated cups, and even silicone cups with feet on them.

Deciding which ones to use can be positively baffling, but here are some suggestions to help you sort out your options and make the best choice.

Paper cups are the traditional liners that you use inside of baking dishes made just for cupcakes and muffins. These cups come in all sorts of colors, and you can even find themed ones for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other occasions.

With this type of cup, you simply pop the liner into the baking dish, and pull it out with the completed, baked cupcake when you’re done.

As cupcakes are eaten, liners can be peeled off individually.

Now that there are fun aluminum and silicone cupcake baking cups in the picture, though, paper ones are no longer the cutest. They still make a good traditional option, though.

They do require that you use a specialized baking pan and that you throw away the wrappers when you’re done, which are definite downsides.

Still, being able to pick up several varieties of these baking cups at your local grocery store is very convenient.

Another option is aluminum baking cups. They can be used inside baking dishes just like paper cups and can be pulled off and thrown away individually as the cupcakes are eaten.

These, too, come in a variety of colors, although the variety isn’t as great as with paper cupcake baking cups. One of the main advantages of aluminum cups is that they’re like tiny individual baking dishes.

You can fill them with batter on their own without putting them into a baking dish first.

Simply slide them onto a cookie sheet, and you can bake your cupcakes just like you would if you had a pan.

Silicone cupcake baking cups are really all the new rage. Silicone is an interesting material that conducts heat without holding it in.

This means that your cupcakes will stop baking as soon as you pull them out of the oven and that they’ll cool down more quickly so you can get to icing them faster.

Silicone dishes are meant to be used individually.

One of the main advantages to these cups is that they can be cleaned and reused. They’re normally dishwasher safe, too!

Plus, they come in all sorts of colors, and some even have quirky little feet on their bottoms so that you can make cupcake creatures for your next party or event.

Really, deciding which cupcake backing cups are best depends on your project. If you have to make a hundred cupcakes, you probably don’t want to spend the money on reusable silicone cups. Paper or aluminum make more sense here.

If you want cupcake cups you can use over and over again, though, silicone is your best bet.

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