Popular Cake Decorating Design Ideas

Which Cake Decorating Design Ideas are your favorites?

If you look through bridal magazines and party websites these days, you may notice how much the cake has changed over the past few years.

In the eighties, cakes, especially for weddings, were huge confections with huge icing roses. Now, they’re becoming sleek and understated, even though they might still be pretty big in size.

There are lots of changes in the cake world, and I just love some of them. Here are a few of my favorite cake decorating design ideas from the past few magazines I’ve taken a peek at.

Fondant Icing: It’s everywhere right now, and I must admit that I totally love fondant icing.

This thin rolled paste gives a cake an unbeatably smooth layer of icing.

My favorite part is how the once square edges of the cake become gracefully, gently rounded.

Plus, I just love how much you can do with fondant. Between stamps, paint, color, and even just a decent pair of scissors, there isn’t a whole lot, in fact, that you can’t do with this versatile decorative tool.

Realistic Flowers: In the past, flowers on cakes have been really just an excuse to slather on some more buttercream icing.

Now, though, they’re becoming sophisticated and realistic. I recently saw a gorgeous wedding cake covered with tiny white stephanotis that looked absolutely real!

The bride had to reassure her guests that they weren’t real flowers and could actually be eaten.

The beauty of fondant and similar types of icing is that you can create amazing flowers that look like they’ve come straight from the garden.

The only difference is that they’re completely edible!

Wonky Cakes: These funky cakes are becoming ever more popular for various occasions. Gone are the days when cake layers were predictably stacked in pyramids.

Now, bakers are taking to funky shaped layers that aren’t all stacked neatly centered.

Sometimes these cakes have edges cut so that they aren’t at ninety degree angles.

Sometimes the layers are twisted or set off center as the cake climbs higher.

They might be a bit of a pain to cut, but wonky cakes are one of my favorite cake decorating design ideas of the hour.

Themed Cakes: Okay, so themed cakes have been around for a long time. However, the themes that you’re seeing on today’s cakes –wedding and otherwise – are absolutely amazing.

Bakeries are making entire cakes that speak to the life of a birthday person or a wedded couple.

These cakes can have everything from apples to zebras on them, and everything looks totally realistic.

Again, a lot of this is just the beauty of fondant and similar types of icing, which can be used in totally new ways.

All these cake decorating design ideas are great for many occasions.

Some of them, like cutting and stacking wonky cakes and learning to use fondant properly, take lots of time and practice to learn.

However, you can learn them through classes and trial and error, and you can definitely create some of the coolest cakes on the block for any event.

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